Batch factor correction in DeSeq2

Hi everyone,
I initially had a bioinformatician run RUVseq in R to generate a tabular file containing corrections for unwanted variation (K=4; denoted as W1 through 4) . I am attempting to supply this file into the DeSeq2 module for DEG analysis.
My tabular file contains the following column entries (6 columns): Sample ID - Groups (e.g. control or treatment) - W1 - W2 - W3 -W4
I keep getting error messages when I run DeSeq2. Is there anything wrong with the format of this tabular file?
Also, do I have to declare this file as a “Single Dataset”; “Multiple dataset.” Not really sure whether that’s relevant here despite being in the choices.
Lastly, should I retain the header info in the tabular file that I upload into galaxy?

I am not a bioinformatician so will appreciate some pearls of wisdom. Thanks.