Problem in dowloading file in Galaxy Europe

Hello, I need to dowload my files (they are FASTQ in fastqsanger.gz format) from Galaxy. I concatenated them in August by Concatenate datasets tail-to-head (Galaxy Version 1.0.0). Today, my merged file, are not the same and they appear as “uncompressed” and if I run the job again, they are not in fastqsanger.gz format but in fastqsanger and it seems that I used the commend arb.gz-to-arb converter (Galaxy Version 1.0.0). I never have used this command. Is it a problem from Galaxy? How can I dowload my job?

Thanks in advance

Hi @federica
I concatenated twp gzipped fastq files using the same version of Concatenate datasets, and the output is has fastqsanger.gz datatype, and it is a binary (compressed) file. Do you see datasets with identical number, one with compressed (gzipped) reads, and another is a plain text fastq? If you have original files, maybe just re-run the concatenate job and download the results. Technically, you can compressed fastqsanger into fastqsanger.gz through Edit Attributes (pencil icon) > Convert tab > select an appropriate option, the one with fastqsanger.gz, but this is assuming you have a correct datatype assigned to data. Datatype is just a label, and users can manually change datatypes.
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