Problem uploading data in Cistrome Galaxy

Dear all

I am using the cistrome galaxy platform and I cannot upload data (bigwig or even bed files) to cistrome. I can see them in the right column, because it is like as if they were not loaded… I cannot to anything with them and I keep receiving the error message as fellow,

Is there something I do wrong ?

and thanks a lot,


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Hi @cjehanno!

The best way to reach the administrators of public Galaxy servers that are not hosted under a URL like usegalaxy.* is by contacting them directly. Most do not check this forum and all Galaxy servers are independent.

Where to find contact info: Usually the home page of the server has contact information, and many also list support resources here:

The Cistrome server’s hub page: Includes a link to their Google Group.

When I checked the group, I found a post from two days ago about others also noticing the server problems. I would suggest following this for updates:!topic/cistrome/TADFSl5D26Y

Hope that helps!