Data export from intermine servers

I’ve tried exporting query results from various intermine instances (yeastmine, modEndode modMine) to and

I can get to a dialog that says send to Galaxy. Either nothing happens or I get an error message (yeastmine)

I can get information into Galaxy by copying the download URL and pasting it into Upload File > Paste Fetch data, but I’m guessing this isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll also test and then follow-up on what the problem may be.

Meanwhile, continue to use the URL/Upload method. Loading directly is always the best workaround when direct “Send to Galaxy” fails due to some software/server change or similar (could be on Galaxy’s side or the data provider source’s side).

Few questions to help with troubleshooting:

  1. Did you have a browser window/tab open to both servers at the same time when the problem occurs?
  2. Where you logged into your registered Galaxy account at each when the query was performed?
  3. Same browser or in different browsers?
  4. Which browser(s): Chrome, Safari, Firefox, other? Are the Browsers updated to be at the most current version? Which version(s)?
  5. What OS are you running on your computer? Is the OS updated to be at the most current version? Which version?
  6. And if you are comfortable sharing the URL(s) for the data, please include that in your post back in this thread (public). Or, you can send me the link(s) in a direct message here. I’m an admin at and work closely with the admin’s at – anything privately shared will remain private to both admin teams if and as needed. I’ll also test, but this info will help. Sometimes particular data content has a problem, and other times all data will present with the problem. Nothing you decide to share privately will be made public.

I’ll check a matrix of test combinations using the most current version of all Browser on MAC OSX, and get help for Windows as needed, but am curious about the matrix of factors when your queries were run (and failed). Isolating the error space can aid the developers to make corrections quicker.

I’ll watch for your reply, and we’ll reply with an update soon. Any ticket created to address the problem will include a matrix of tests done on our side … once completed as reproducible. That said, I don’t doubt that some issue is present. This happens sometimes with Get Data tools and the “Send to Galaxy” functionality. Staying in synch involves detailed technical configuration and coordination on both sides.

Thanks again for taking the time to report the issue, and answers to the follow up questions would be greatly appreciated. Organize those replies as you want. Be as clearer/specific as you can be but don’t worry too much if it gets overly tedious to do, just share back what you can – I’ll be likely be able to interpret however you decide to organize the reply.

Sorry you had problems!