Problems with Plot Cladogram --

Dear all,
I got a weird graphic, and the parameter settings are all default, as follows, what’s the problem,?thank you!

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Hi @liuyushu

The tool you are using is specific to the domain-specific public Galaxy server.

The tools and protocols hosted there differ significantly from the Lefse tools hosted at most other public Galaxy servers (including usegalaxy.* servers).

The administrators of that particular public Galaxy server do not track this forum. Instead, contact them directly, after double-checking your protocol and inputs against the help/tutorials they offer (below).

Help/tutorials: (also linked from the server’s home page, with example data available):

Prior Q&A and other related resources including other versions of this tool and different tools that may be helpful when working with this type of data:

I also added a tag for that public server to your post. Click on the tag to review all Q&A at this forum related to troubleshooting and help/content for that server.