Public Galaxy Servers


When working at,, or, your jobs execute at large scale academic clusters. Hundreds of thousands of computational jobs process each month across public infrastructure hosted worldwide. Resources are significant, growing, and always free.

These are the largest Galaxy servers and everyone is encouraged to have an account at each to maximize their access to the distinct :sparkles: free :sparkles: resources offered.

When connecting to a Galaxy public server, all of your data and jobs are hosted on that service. Launch your jobs or a workflow, set a notification, and come back to review your results!

Access the application from your web browser or connect through the Galaxy API.

Fair usage policies include account, data storage and job concurrency quotas.

All servers are independently administered.

Please see the Galaxy Platform Directory, and the homepage or Help menu at the server where you are working to learn more about who is hosting the service, along with contact information, supporting agencies and grants, data privacy statements, and any terms of service that may apply.

Galaxy Directory

:rocket: Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub

Over 100+ public Galaxy servers are maintained by the wider community.

Search the directory with the server URL where you are working for more details.

Alternative support forums

When working at certain Galaxy sites, questions are best asked at the places the scientists who run the server host discussions. They can also let you know if there happen to be any current technical problems that may be impacting your analysis. These are the ones we know about…

:frog: UseGalaxy.frGalaxy - IFB Community Support

:bagel: Galaxy.bioBakery.org
This server was previously hosted at, and prior Q&A here is tagged galaxy-huttenhower

Citing Galaxy

Please cite Galaxy in any research that uses or extends Galaxy.

So, how can you do that? It depends on your research!