Private Galaxy Servers

Private Galaxy server

Public Galaxy servers are a convenient choice for researchers world wide.

Need more? Consider setting up a private Galaxy server where you can control the resources.

Selected choices are below, please see the Galaxy Directory for all.

:rocket: Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub

Local Galaxy

A local Galaxy server is a choice for personal use, and can be scaled to support multiple users.

Your service can be hosted publicly or privately. Connect to local, institutional, or commercial cloud computing resources and customize your usage policies.

:computer: Local Galaxy

Docker Galaxy

Much comes pre-configured, and common administrative tasks are simpler to implement and maintain. Be sure to review the repository’s README for these custom instructions.

:whale: Docker Galaxy

Cloud Galaxy

The AnVIL version is a single-user or multi-user choice sponsored by NHGRI and is a pay-for-use Google Cloud platform. It is designed to handle sensitive or restricted data and is hosted with full administrative technical support.

:face_in_clouds: AnVIL Galaxy (academic cloud)

Citing Galaxy

Please cite Galaxy in any research that uses or extends Galaxy.

So, how can you do that? It depends on your research!