Query about server speed: Minor maintenance at UseGalaxy.org on Jan 23 2023

I am new to Galaxy, working for a month now. In the end of december and early january, the speed was normally faster. Everything would load within seceonds, but now everything taked time loading for 30secs sometimes. Shows “Loading tool…”.
And even after loading, it is stuck for 20 more seconds.

I am in usegalaxy.org (main server). Is it usually like this? Or I am using 81% of my storage, so the server has slowed down for me?

Kindly help.

Hi @Sanjukta_Ghosh

How much space you are using in your account (quota usage) is not related to the server performance.

We are just busy, and the server is restarting a few times today for a some minor maintenance updates.

Refreshing your browser is usually enough if the view seems odd. No data will be lost on the server itself.

Thanks for your patience!