ReatMasker: Repeat library source

For the purpose of maker I do require repbase library. How do I make one?
I have genome sequence data.

Output of Repeatmasker would that work repbase library.? To use tool Repeatmaske it require two inputs one is genomic DNA(Where I have given my genomic sequence file, if I am not wrong) and the other Repeat library source, what could be the input here?

I do not have reference sequence.

I have followed the link of RepBase (which is in description below the tool of repeatmasker) on the webpage under the option of RepeatMasking it have options for either to load the sequence or to upload local file (upto 2mb) Since my input is more than 30mb I have used split tools on galaxy and pasted the sequence as per the criteria but no output; site never displayed anything on multiple attempts too. Turns out it is not free access tool.

Can anyone please suggest way out?

Thank you