RESOLVED: is super slow: 11/8/2022 Confirmed job delays

Hi! is super slow today and I was wondering if there was a problem. My “bamcoverage” and “computematrix” do not progress since yesterday.


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Update 11/09/2022

The small backlog of queued jobs due to the prior issue has now been cleared. Jobs will queue and execute as usual.

Any jobs that failed should be rerun at least once, starting now, to eliminate technical issues. Persistent failures can be reported in new topics. Remember to include enough information so the community can help: tool/version and error messages at a minimum, with a shared history link ideal.


Update 11/8

There was a small cluster issue and we are working to correct it. Leaving jobs queued is still recommended for the fastest processing. Our admins are tracking this, and updates as needed will continue to post back to this topic.

Hi @Roland_Marci

The server is up and processing work but is very busy

FAQ #understanding-job-statuses

If we have any updates, we’ll post that back here. Meanwhile, please leave your queued jobs queued.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Hi there,

Would this cluster issue be why I am getting a “cluster error” after trying to upload .fastq files (fails after long wait time)? Additionally, and I apologize for asking, but is there any estimate on when the issue will be resolved?

Thank you!

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The issue should not have impacted the Upload tool. But I can reproduce the wait, so something else might be going on. Let’s followup at your original topic about this. Oops! That was someone else but they ran into the same issue as you. Let’s batch your question with it. Upload tool on the website

To clear completely back to normal will probably be a day or two. You don’t need to do anything extra for now. The wait time now is about processing through the queued jobs that were originally delayed for about a day. That batch includes the queued jobs people are asking about here.