Retrieving large amounts of data from SRA/GEO to Galaxy at once


Hello. I have large amounts the data that I have to work to and not enough storage on my PC. Also it would be more time-efficient. I want to avoid pressing 96 times on the Galaxy button in ENA SRA so I can have all my samples. Is there any way at the moment to retrieve multiple samples at a time directly into Galaxy?

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If the samples are available on URLs you can have Galaxy download them for you.

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Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you be more specific?

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On the screenshot below, when I hit start, Galaxy will download the files without them ever being on my computer.

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Cool. I am going to try it. So far, I tried to upload the SRA accesion list of all the samples in Galaxy and from there to retrieve all the data at once. It’s processing. I hope it works.


Keep in mind the files have to be publicly accessible for this to work.