Roary troubleshooting (version 3.13.0+galaxy2 or later)

Did you finally find the solution? I’ve got the same problem as well. I run roary for 37 e coli genomes, but the core genome alignment file is empty and there is no sequences come out

Hi @min_suga

All of the UseGalaxy.* servers have been updated to the latest tool version: Galaxy Version 3.13.0+galaxy2. If this is not the version you are running, please try with the updated wrapper.

I updated the ticket with the details about the resolution addressing the “spaces in names” issue.

I’m going to split off your question into a new topic. If you want more help, would you please post back a shared history link? Sharing your History You can also start up a rerun in that same history if you haven’t already (reruns resolve transient failure reasons).

Test history with example usage: