run kmergenie in a local instance

Since Kmergenie is unavailable in public galaxy, I tried to use it in a local instance using the tool derived from (
However, running this tool generated the following error message:
“/home/trung/galaxy/database/shed_tools/”, line 47
raise Exception, stderr
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Please advise how to solve this issue. Many thanks

Hi @Duc_Trung_Tran

That wrapper was last updated back in 2014. It won’t work on any recent Galaxy release. And, I don’t see a link to the author’s development repository, so there isn’t an obvious contact point.

When choosing wrappers to install on your own server, more recently updated wrappers will work best.


  1. Use a different tool/wrapper
  2. Re-write this wrapper
  3. Create a new wrapper
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