Server actions processing issues

Hello everybody,

I have been getting this error message multiple times now since I queued a lot of jobs in the Trim Raw Reads tool. I get the same message when trying to purge my deleted data sets:

Should I just wait and see if the problem persists or can I reset somehow?

Thank you for your help.


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Hi @clsven

This usually means that the server you are working at is very busy. Given that it occurred across multiple actions, the best first-pass solution is to wait a bit then try again.

It looks like you are working on your own Galaxy server. A local Galaxy server uses your own computer for computational resources unless you configured it differently. Also, the version of Galaxy appears to be a few years out of date.

Upgrading your server would be a very good idea, especially if you installed newer tools: Releases — Galaxy Project 21.01 documentation

Advanced configuration help is here: Galaxy Deployment & Administration — Galaxy Project 21.01 documentation

Admin training is here: GitHub - galaxyproject/admin-training: Galaxy Admin Training


Hi @jennaj

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is a local Galaxy server but it is not my own one. It is called “CAFU - A Galaxy framework for exploring unmapped RNA-Seq data” and is accessible under

So I guess I should contact the people running that server then?


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Yes, the administrators of that server would be the people for you to contact.

They can always reach out to the Galaxy Admin working group if they need help beyond what the docs cover. Gitter would be a good place to start for them: galaxyproject/admins - Gitter