Server error downloading wheat 10+

I’m not having any success downloading any Wheat 10+ data, for example from this link.

It will spend a few minutes downloading a small portion and eventually get a server error.

Also, how can I get the URL link so I can wget or curl?

Hi @ericiam

The admins of that public Galaxy server do not usually track this forum. They do have email support available – find it on their directory page here: IPK Galaxy Blast Suite - Galaxy Community Hub

It does look like this server has modified how data is served. Some details are in the July 2022 news item posted on the server’s homepage (no download from a history). No news about data libraries, but overall the server seems busy.


I was curious so ran a test. Was able to move a shared data library dataset into a history, captured that link from the history’s dataset (my copy), and tried using curl. FAQ downloading-datasets-using-command-line. For a 493M file, the estimated time was over 2 hours. That query timed out after about 5 minutes, and a resume failed (“curl: (33) HTTP server doesn’t seem to support byte ranges. Cannot resume.”). This was done using a somewhat “fast” internet connection, so I don’t think the latency was on my side.

Maybe get the data from NCBI instead? Follow the Pubmed links. If you can’t find something, try asking those server admins. I’m just guessing about what to try based on the same public info available to everyone.