SnpEff build: Create Manihot esuclenta database

I need to identify if some SNPs obtained through GBS are synonymous or non-synonymous mutations and what their effect is on the sequences. To do this, I am trying to create a database for Manihot esculenta V8.1, using as input the .fa genome and the genes in .gtf format. However, the process throws an error after three days of running.
The error image it throws is this:
slurmstepd: error: *** JOB 1771297 ON js2-xl8 CANCELLED AT 2024-04-24T15:41:31 DUE TO TIME LIMIT *

Could someone guide me with this error, thank you very much

Hi @Emili_Ishikawa_Garci

Are you working at I’m asking since the resource allocation should be enough at that server.

Would you like to share a history that contains your input reference fasta and reference annotation, and the failed run? We could review for potential problems and provide feedback.

How to share your work:

You might want to first review prior help, too. Remember that technical errors in the input files can lead to “false” resource errors. The solution is to fix the data formats and rerun. But we can help with format problems here if you get stuck.

This is one prior Q&A, and more can be found here snpeff

Let’s start there :slight_smile: