TAT of SPAdes assembler

SPADes does not seem to be running at all. No error, just highlighted grey to show that the job is queued.
Please advice on what to do, or enlighten us on whether this is normal.


Not sure but maybe this can help? Some info about galaxy is given here.

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Hi @Rito

You are using multiple accounts at UseGalaxy.org. Please resolve this problem yourself, otherwise you’ll end up in a situation similar to this person. Instructions about how and why to fix this are in that post.

Once that is done, please write back and let us know which account at UseGalaxy.org has the job delays and we can take a look. You don’t need to post back the registered email address – your public name (username) is enough.

The server is busy but more might be going on. The person that @gbbio linked to had a technical problem plus the same delays as everyone else. Their solution required an input adjustment then a rerun of all. Waiting for several days for a job to queue and execute, only to have those jobs fail, can be frustrating. We can help.


Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for alerting me about the multiple accounts issue. I have deleted the additional account. My registered account is now @mikhari.

I have also just restarted running SPAdes, terminating the previous job (hopefully).


Kind regards,



Hi @Rito

The SPAdes job is queued and will run. The inputs look appropriate. Our clusters are all very busy – so please give it some time to complete.

Thanks for clearing up the other account. :slight_smile:

Hi @jennaj ,

I am having a similar problem, I am trying to run SPAdes since yesterday but is all the time in grey, seems like it’s not running.


Hi @enriqueta

Gray datasets are queued jobs. Try not to delete and rerun a gray dataset as that places your new job back at the end of the queue.

The cluster that runs assembly jobs is very busy, and the wait is a bit longer than usual for everyone, but the work will run.

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Thanks very much for the explanation! Will wait then! :slight_smile: