the wesite block my device

hello, I try to reach out to somebody to help many times but they asked me to change my password but still i have the same issue the website does not allow me to access it from my device but I can log in from my cellphone, please help.

Hi @namarig

Providing login credentials is how to connect to the remote service. So, this being a technical issue server-side would be very unusual. The server runs Galaxy – your devices and web browsers are an access point. You can connect with some devices/browsers and not others. There is likely some difference between how the credentials are being input or some difference in how the web browsers are set up.

General advice would be:

  1. Check the web browser settings on your laptop, and make sure cookies are enabled.
  2. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are good choices, so try one of those if you haven’t already.
  3. Review the email/public name on the device you can log into (find this under User → Preferences) with what is being used on your laptop. These values are case sensitive. Screenshot or save those settings someplace new and distinct.
  4. After updating your password again, remember that it needs to be confirmed through the account activation email’s link. If not confirmed, the “old” password is still the valid password. The old or new password could be cached on some devices (or supplied by password software?) and not on others, so consider that when making updates.
  5. What to try → Reset the password, confirm it via email, then try logging in directly by typing in the credentials (without using password software yet), and you’ll probably notice what is going wrong. Be sure to fully log out and clear your browser’s cache on both devices before doing this, making sure to screenshot or capture the email/user name first on the device you can log in from.

If this is not enough, you can try contacting the administrators of the server for more troubleshooting help but they cannot do more than reset your password for you, and you can do that yourself quicker (and would still need to “confirm” either way). You could ask for the exact email/public name being used for your account – but that is also available to you since can log into the account from a device, and can review yourself. The admins won’t know your password (it is encrypted) – that’s why they suggested you reset it to start over.

If you still want to contact them again-- the information would have been in the original account activation email (the one with the link) but it is also in the Galaxy directory here MISSISSIPPI - Galaxy Community Hub.

Hope this works out for you!