Trouble following hicBuildMatrix step in Hi-C hands on tutorial

I am working on the Hi-C Explorer tutorial:
Hands-on: Hi-C analysis of Drosophila melanogaster cells using HiCExplorer / Hi-C analysis of Drosophila melanogaster cells using HiCExplorer / Epigenetics (

I have found that the hands on tutorial instructions do not always match up to the software that comes up when I click on a tool to open it, and am wondering if there is a list of which software versions to use with the tutorial.

For example, in the tutorial, when working through hicBuldMatrix, the tutorial asks the user to choose BIN SIZE at the “choose between bin size and restriction site.” There is no such prompt in the two most recent versions of hicBuildMatrix.

Hi @acta1

Try the following:
Click at Workflows link at the tutorial header, e.g., right mouse click - open in new tab
Import or Download the workflow. Either import it into Galaxy Europe or download to your computer.
If you imported the workflow into Galaxy, make a copy of it and Edit the workflow. You can see the tools versions. Imported workflows do not support Edit, hence, you need a copy.
If you downloaded the workflow, open the .ga file with any text editor and check tools versions.

There might be a better and easier way to find tools versions used in a tutorial.

Kind regards,

Dear Igor,
Downloading the workflow and opening in notepad worked beautifully. I then searched for the particular tool, and found the version at the end of the same line of text. This is by far easier, once the workflow is accessed, than what I was doing, which was working through the versions from the dropdown list, until I found one that matched. Thank you so much!