HiCexplorer issues

I am using Hi-C explorer to analyse my data with a custome reference genome. However, I am unable to generate an output with the hiCBuildMatrix. I keep getting errors despite several attempts

Hi @Millicen

Do you want to share the job, inputs, parameters? We can probably help to figure out what is going on. See the banner for how to share a history, or see these two FAQs directly. The first tells you what kind of information people need when reviewing, and the second has a link to FAQs with the how-to for the history share part (or you can copy/paste all of that back).

And, if you want to try yourself first, this FAQ is about how to set up a custom genome. If you solve this, you can let us know, too!

Tutorials that include HiC tools. These are also linked from the bottom of the tool forms.