how to make hic plot in hicexplorer

I have hic file showing the each scaffold in mcool formate. I want to ask how can I make the hic plot using hicexplorer tool “hicPlotmatrix”. I tried with this tool but always error in this. Please guide me how to get this plot

Hi @Rezwan_Tariq

The data formats that the tool works with are listed next to each input area.

Example →

And, these are tutorials about how to get data in that format → Tutorials using bgruening/hicexplorer_hicplotmatrix

If this is not enough, you can share back what you have now and we can help to review what is going wrong. See the banner at this site for how to, or see here How to get faster help with your question

As a guess, maybe there is a reference data mixup? Meaning, how the data scaffolds are labeled in the file versus specified on the form might not be matching up. Remember that these will all be “different” to a tool → scaffold1 versus Scaffold_1 versus scaffold_1