Trouble UPARSE for FASTA

Hi, I am new to Galaxy. I´m trying to generate the OTU table file, by executing “UPARSE for FASTA”.

When executing the process, an error message appears:

DIE: 1 try. / galaxy-dist / tools / IEG / external_tools / usearch_64 -uchime_ref 5_clustered_1611343447.fa -db /newdatabase1/galaxy/user_data/datasets/000/361/dataset_361029.dat -strand plus -nonchimeras 6_chimera16.chimechime34344_chimera16.

Can you help me solve the problem?

Note: I have already carried out previous analyzes, with the same workflow without problems. the previous steps (FLASH, B Trim, Delete N, etc, were carried out without problems)

Hi Oscar,

you are using a local Galaxy server? I think we need more details about the error. Do you see more messages on stdout or stderr?


Yes, i acces directly to the web from my personal computer. I requested a galaxy account (galaxy / denglab), and I used the workflow of this workgroup previously.
The window of report only shows this message:

Dataset Error
An error occured while running the tool uparse_fasta .
Tool execution generated the following messages.

in the window “view details”:
the “tool standard error” shown stderr:

DIE: 1 try. /galaxy-dist/tools/IEG/external_tools/usearch_64 -uchime_ref 5_clustered_1611417726.fa -db /newdatabase1/galaxy/user_data/datasets/000/dataset_85.dat -strand plus -nonchimeras 6_chimera_1_1611417726_nonchimera.fa -chimeras 6_chimera_1_1611417726_chimera.fa

i think its a question of a 16S data library