Unexpected problem using Breseq

I am used working with Breseq on the Galaxy Pasteur platform. However, I tried to use it today and I obtained this error each time :
File “/pasteur/zeus/projets/p00/galaxy-prod/shed_tools/toolshed.pasteur.fr/repos/mvalade/breseq/a26a79abdb94/breseq/breseq_wrapper.py”, line 50
shutil.copytree(“output”, outdir)
TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation
Could you please tell me what is the problem ?
Thank you

This is a programming error in a tool privately hosted by the Pasteur team.
People here can certainly explain what the error means and what’s wrong with the tool, but cannot fix it so a better way forward with this is reporting the problem via email to galaxy@pasteur.fr.

You can also point them to this issue here so that they can discuss things publicly with you if they want to.


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Thank you very much Wolfgang for your explanation and your advices
I will contact GalaxyPasteur