Unresponsive page when load fasta file to build rice (Oryza sativa) genome

Hi Galaxy team,

I would like to add rice genome as the reference genome to HISAT2, but when I load the fasta file, the page become unresponsive and snap notification appear. How can I solve this problem?


Hello @nzrf

The server was likely busy back when you were attempting to load the fasta with the Upload tool. Trying again was the solution, and hopefully that has worked for you already.

If HISAT2 jobs happened to fail while using a fasta that large, and the format is correct (FAQ) that might be due to the size of this plant genome versus the public computational resources available.

You could work at UseGalaxy.eu instead – they host a strain of this genome already built-in for HISAT2 which is far less computationally expensive to use.