Upload to history stuck at 0% and wont cancel

I am new here, till now I always found an answer, but this one has me stumped.
I am trying to upload a file to galaxy (tutorial file). But its stuck in the upload menu. One file is finished and the other is at 0% since last night (24h) and I cant abort it or try again. The menu is grayd out telling me the job will pause when file is finished.

How do I kill the file?

Thanks to anyone that can help. (this is on the usegalaxy server btw)

Hi @AnnaM

Agree, very odd!

Have you tried logging out then back in again? That should clear/fail any pending file uploads.

If it doesn’t we can follow-up more. A screenshot of the Upload window and active history (all in one) would be the most informative. Please make sure the server URL is captured, too and note the URL of the tutorial you are following.