Uploading issue, Usegalaxy.eu Jan 10 2023

Hi @emilyhokning and @Giulia_Mariani

I can reproduce a problem with the local file upload method (only). Other methods work fine for me.

I’ve cross-posted over to the EU server chat room. They may reply here or there, and please feel free to join the chat. Find the link to the Gitter access on the UseGalaxy.eu server homepage (bottom tab) or use the Matrix invitation here https://matrix.to/#/!pTWTMgjwPzvoMkeBrf:gitter.im/$Tirv0gEavHJH03mqaucp1uddFp_WeVjceqH-brYDL80?via=gitter.im&via=matrix.org&via=matrix.clareira.net.

Thanks for reporting the problem!