User not found error for an existed account/cannot reset password

Hello! I had an account under the email redacted for couple of years, and I had no issue with logging into my account. But now it is asking me to re-enter the password upon login, which I didn’t remember the password. When I clicked “reset password”, it was showing “Failed to produce password reset token. User not found” and did not allow me to reset the password. I’m very confused with this error and hope to get some help finding my account and history back. Thank you for your time.

Hi @Shuangshuang_Chen

Does this explain the problem? Can I create multiple Galaxy accounts?

It could also be that you are looking for your account at a different server than where it was located. Accounts are server-specific. Check your email history for the initial registration email. That would have the: server URL, administrative contact information, terms of service. Contacting those administrators is how to get private help for account issues.

I’m going to redact your email address for privacy reasons.

Hi. Thank you very much for your information. But I only had one account at the point where it got deleted then I created a second account. I’ve been always using the same server on my laptop. I’m going to email the support email in the registration email. Do you have any other advice? It would be great to find my original account back. Thank you for your time.

When you write in, use the email address for the missing account, then list out everything together in the email body. If you are actually working at, I’ll see it and get back to you on that private mailing list to sort things out. I’m going to close this ticket so you don’t accidentally post private information publicly.