Using local files in rule based uploader

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I really like the rule based upload feature. But, most of the users of our local instance have ther raw data locally available in their local filesystem and upload via file uploader. Is it possible to use rule-based-uploader with locally uploaded files which do not have a URL. Admin can do that with file:///<path>/<to>/<file> but is there a way for non admin users to do that.

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Hi @microfuge

I don’t think so – but others can correct me.

The data could be uploaded from a local computer, organized into a collection, then have rules applied. Either directly or within a workflow.

Find the tool under the Collection Operations group: **Apply rules** (Galaxy Version 1.1.0)

Tutorials: galaxy-interface

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Hi Jennifer @jennaj

Thanks for your reply!
As an example I uploaded 8 fastq files and created the collection. Now I want to add tags (group tags like tissue, case, control, info etc). I have this information in a tsv file.
The Apply Rules only allows me to get the info from file names but I am still unable to add more meta data. I can create new collumns but only from the file names. For example, If I need to add tissue as a group tag, how do I proceed unless the the tissue is a part of the file name ?

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Hi @microfuge

Collection tags can be added, removed, or modified with the tool Tag elements (Galaxy Version 1.0.0). Near the bottom of the tool form is a link to the training site with examples.