Visualize overlaps in multiple lines with two conditions each?

Wondering if anyone could give a bit of advice on my situation. I have rnqseq ngs data for 6 different human cell lines. Each has a normal and a stressed condition. I have featurecounts for each of those that are the summation of the replicates, so 12 summary count files. I have successfully compared each matching line stressed-normal but was wondering if there was a simple way to visualize possible significant genes when comparing each line to another (eg: instead of just Line1 stressed vs Line1 normal, I could easily plot all of the top 20 or so genes of significance by logFC and visualize overlaps that may exist between Line1 normal and any of the other lines, Line1 normal to Line3 normal. One large multi-colored plot type? Instead of running limma on each possible comparison (66 possible pairwise comparisons, which would be a crazy amount of data to then manually try to find overlaps within).

We are looking for some very early preliminary hints as to comparisons between these lines with regard to up and down regulated similarities. Would obviously dig into individual comparisons in a different way after but was hoping to some sort of visualization plot method without having to run each comparison individually and then seeking out common top genes that overlap. Hope that makes sense. Tried to solve this for myself prior to asking here.

Hi @philfry9
are you after a heatmap style plot or interactive representation?
Please check limma-voom Report (dataset #16) in this history: Galaxy | Australia | Accessible History | rna-seq-2
The input was six conditions, two replicates each, but only two contrasts were used (two comparisons). Scroll down and check heatmap output (pdf) and Glimma interactive MDPlot. Click on any DE gene on the interactive plot to see expression in other conditions.
Are you after something like this?
The original tutorial: 2: RNA-seq counts to genes
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Thank you! I have been using limma-voom but this example will certainly help me set up the parameters correctly for the output. Much appreciated. Will give it a try.