why does computematrix programe run so long?

I have been running a computematrix programe almost 36h, and other 4 computematrix programes are waiting to run so long.
Is it my personal problems?Has anyone encountered the same situation before?

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No answers- but I have two jobs using MAFFT and IQ-TREE which have now been in the queue for ~20 hours (still grey). I used the same tools earlier yesterday and the run time was less than 5 min. I’ve been able to use some other tools but not these two in this time.

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I have run 3 different tools(BWA-MEM,mutiBAMsummary and computematrix), and all of them are still grey for 10-24h. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hello @hpc @LPWorm

The UseGalaxy.org server was working through a large number of queued jobs. Leaving jobs queued is how to get work processed. A day or so of a queued state for compute intensive tools is not unusual.

Have any continuously queued jobs been queued for 2 or more days (48 hours)?

Thanks for your replying.@jennaj
The situation has been a littlle better in these two days.
in the computeMatrix job, queue time is about 4-5h,running time is overnight.

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