A problem in the header related to a matrix

Hello, I have a matrix and I want the header values of its columns to move to the end of the matrix the size of a column because the header of each column is placed on top of the previous column and the last column is left without a header.
Please tell me what tool to use?

Hi @maryam-gh99

This tutorial covers many common data manipulations: Data Manipulation Olympics

The manipulation will probably go something like this:

  1. Isolate the header line from the matrix
  2. Add a new column to the start of that header line
  3. Put the header back on the matrix

Note: If are you viewing the dataset in Galaxy with the :eye: and noticed this as a potential problem, consider using the Cut tool first, to isolate the problematic column and double check that the header is actually missing. Sometimes the matrix header or the data values are so long (or short!) that they skew the view but the data content itself is Ok.

Hello, thank you for your help
I had another question: if I needed a tool that was not available in Galaxy, can I request to add that tool to Galaxy?

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Yes, requests can be made to the IUC. If you have experience using that tool outside of Galaxy, contributions are welcome. That could include wrapping the tool and/or helping to model and test out the parameters.