How to add in a header to a tabular dataset

Hello Galaxy Community,

I have tried to search the historical discussions, but still could not find the solution.
I need to add a header line in my tabular in order to use the tabular as input for the tool (in this case, “Scater: Calculate QC metrics”.
I generated my matrix table by excel in my computer (so it is easier for me to edit the name of the samples), and then I saved it as txt for upload into galaxy.
The uploaded tabular, however, does not have the header line. The first line is the sample name.

Could you suggest how I can generate a header line in my tabular, or whether there are other measures I should do to have the suitable tabular?

Thanks a lot.


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You might try putting the header in a separate dataset and then run the tool ‘concatenate datasets’.

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Thanks @biologghe.
Just tried several times, and found out that the input for Scater need to have the 1st line as header line (which I think is different from the description in Galaxy training material…!?)

Anyway, thanks for your support.


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Great answer, @biologghe, thanks for helping out :+1:

@SusanD If you think there is a problem with a GTN tutorial (from here:, please scroll down to the bottom of it and submit a feedback form explaining what seems wrong. We review those and make fixes/enhancements based on cumulative reports of issues/confusion.

We could also vet that first here if the tutorial/example data versus your data is confusing. Post back a link to the tutorial section where this is covered, note the tool and input, and I’ll quickly review/provide some feedback myself or recruit some feedback from the tutorial author(s) if it is unclear to me too.

If the tutorial is from a different source than the GTN, you might want to reach out to the authors and explain what is confusing, so they can clarify or make updates.


Update: Looks like you’ve moved this to a new thread, can follow up there: Failed to use "Scater: plot library QC"