accidently clicked on delete all hidden content

While I was doing cutadapt I accidently clicked on the delete all hidden content and I tried to take it back by undeleting it but it doesn’t work. My current job is not running it shows paused. How can I fix it?

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Hi @dilara_gngr

You can undelete any datasets that are just deleted and not permanently deleted (purged) yet.

For the jobs that were already queued or executing when that happened, and that are now showing up as a red failed job, you’ll need to rerun those.

For jobs that were only paused from this, you can try to use the resume paused jobs function. Find that option in the History menu at the top right. But if any of those won’t start up, you can instead try the rerun.

Let us know how this works out, and sorry this happened! You should be able to recover without too much trouble though. This is exactly why there are two steps to purge data – it seems like too-much-clicking right up until something just like this happens :slight_smile:

FAQs for most of these functions are in this section of the GTN → Galaxy FAQs. And other forum topic links here at dataset. Feel free to ask more questions if you get stuck.