'Bam to fastq' programs on Windows ?

Good day,
I’ve searched whole google and only thing i’ve saw is BamTools that can operate under windows, but it requires some serious setups that i’m totally confused how to make it work.
Any other programs are *nix/macos, and i dont see alternatives.
Does anything else exist ?

(To be more specific, i’m talking about windows 7 x86 (because that is what installed on our lab computers))

HI @RoskoDaneworth,

why are you concerned about Windows compatibility? Most of the bioinformatics software is not able to run natively under Windows. If you want to learn commandline bioinformatics tools, I recommend to use Linux and Conda as a scientific package manager.

Moreover, I think you are in the wrong forum. Galaxy does not require any installation for users. For example you could use BAM to FASTQ here https://usegalaxy.eu/root?tool_id=toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repos/iuc/bedtools/bedtools_bamtofastq/2.27.1. Simply with your webbrowser and no installation.

Hope that helps,

Holy, this is perfect, i’ll try using it.
Thank you and Bless you.