can't download databases in new local galaxy instance ("This tool was disabled before the job completed")

I have created a new galaxy server instance on our local server to use with students in an upcoming course.
I have installed the most recent versions of Bakta and Gtdb-TK and the corresponding data handlers.
However, when I try to run the data-handlers to download the bakta and gtdb-tk databases the download jobs keep failing with the following error message:

This tool was disabled before the job completed

i tried killing and restarting the server multiple times via --stop-daemon; --daemon, (following the suggestion in this biostars post) but nothing changes.
How do I find out (and solve) what is wrong here?

Do you mean the tool data_manager_gtdbtk_database_installer from the iuc? Make sure you are an admin when executing that, data managers are tools restricted to admins by default I think.