changing storage location after jobs were already queue'd

Hi, I have a question related to storage.

I currently have 6 fastqsanger.gz pairs, a concatenated fasta file, and a concatenated gtf file. I am attempting to run RNA STAR, but my storage quota is at 55% before the alignment has actually started to run. All previous steps have been downloaded from Galaxy, deleted from Galaxy, and purged out of Galaxy storage to make additional space. I went into user preferences and switched from permanent storage to the 30-day storage with more space.

My question is this:

Do I need to “run job again” since I loaded the jobs to the queue before changing the storage location, or will the data save to the new location once my program makes it to the front of the queue? I hate to re-run the jobs unnecessarily since I’ve been waiting since yesterday for it to even start, but I obviously don’t want it to fail because of storage space either.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @RebeccaW

As far as I know, the storage location is set when the job is initially submitted, no matter the status (queued, executing, completed).

That said, the “job information” view ( i icon) for queued jobs does not contain the section Dataset Storage yet when the job is still queued. This is where the storage location is specified, or can be changed. It is written out once the job starts to execute (along with other execution related details known at that point).

I’m getting some feedback on this. Good question, thanks for asking! :slight_smile: