Deleting a single dataset in a collection

I had some RNAseq samples in galaxy and I Created a paired dataset collection from them using the instruction here. Now, I want to delete on of the pairs but it doesn’t have such an option or bin icon. how can I do that?

Hi @Maryam_Momeni

Elements (files) inside a collection cannot be individually deleted. No trash can. But you can filter a collection.

General help:

To get rid of a collection, click on the trash can to delete it. It will have options in a mini pull-down menu with the choice to delete just the collection itself (the “folder”) or the collection plus the datasets inside it (the “folder and files”).

The collection “folder” doesn’t consume any quota space. It is just a way to group similar files.

The datasets are the “files” and do consume quota space. You’ll need to delete then purge these to free up space.

If you just delete the collection, the files will still be in that history: find them under the hidden tab. You can unhide datasets to have them be individual files inside the active tab. Datasets need to be in the active tab to work with them directly. This includes actions like deleting.

Technically, you could unhide the datasets inside an active collection, too, if you want to work with them directly/individually for some reason.

To filter the datasets in a collection (remove some of the files from the folder), see the tool Filter collection. This does not delete them, just removes the files from that folder.

See User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard to find and manage all of your data.