Deletion of data / Secondary use of data

I would like to use the Galaxy/hutlab format to write a paper about gut microbiota.

So, I would like to ask four questions in order to apply to the IRB.
①If an unregistered user uploads gut microbiota data, how long does the data take to be deleted? I want to know the exact period.
② After the data is completely deleted, will it never be restored?
③Will the data stored on your site, Galaxy/hutlab be used without the consent of the uploader?
④Will my uploaded data and analysis results are seen by anyone other than me?

I have already browsed the following sites:
Managing Datasets in Galaxy - Galaxy Community Hub
Downloading and Deleting Data in Galaxy

Hi @m.mihula

Each public server has its own data policies including terms of service that cover your questions. Some post details on the homepage of the server or under the Help menu.

You are working at the public Galaxy site, correct? If so, you’ll need to contact them directly for more feedback. Click into this post – it explains why and how to reach them.

Short answer:

  • Any data that is under restricted privacy requirements would not be appropriate for a public Galaxy server or probably any open public resource even outside of Galaxy.
  • Consider a private Galaxy choice. The AnVIL version is a single-user choice sponsored by NHGRI and is a pay-for-use Google Cloud platform. It was designed to handle restricted data. AnVIL - Galaxy Community Hub
  • The Huttenhower lab hosts custom tools that might not work well on the more current releases of Galaxy, and that includes the AnVIL configuration. This is something you could ask them about.

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