Error in train augustus tool

I’m trying to use the Train Augustus tool, but it gives this error: Error: training set file /data/jwd04/main/058/664/58664282/working/genome.gff3 has neither Genbank nor GFF nor FASTA format!
Even though the file is in .gff3

Welcome, @schoemberger

If the annotation supplied is not understood by the tool, then one of these is going on:

  1. Identifier mismatch between the fasta input and the annotation input.
  2. The annotation is missing attributes that the tool expects to find.
  3. Potentially some format issue in one or both of those inputs.

Theses tutorials have some examples, and the tool form help and linkouts to the author documents/publications have more.

If you need more help, please consider posting back a few lines of both inputs that you expected to be a match based on the sequence identifier.

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