Error message when loading RNAStar

Hi Galaxy Team!

We try to use RNAStar for analyzing our paired-end sequencing data. After building a list of dataset pairs, the platform returns the following message to us when we try to load RNAStar:

Loading tool failed: Bad Gateway (502)

This does not happen when we try to load the tool in the original list of unpaired .fastq files. Can you provide any help to solve this problem?

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Hi @Max,
this problem seems to be related to the storage issue. We hope it will be fixed this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hi Galaxy,
I’m getting the same error (pasted below) when I try to upload fasta files or .tsv, any ideas on how to troubleshoot?


Failed: Bad Gateway (502).

Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

Hi @lisa55asil

If you are also working at, then the failure reason is probably related to the same storage issue. The server still has a banner up on the homepage:

[EU infrastructure] 30.05.2022 - There is a performance issue with our main storage and this is affecting the readiness of the Galaxy service. We are investigating the source of the problem.

I’ve had successful Uploads at the server. Maybe keep trying?

Or, you could work at or for now. Having one account at each public server grants you another distinct account. This maximises access to public data quotas, tools, and processing resources.

Moving data between servers:

  1. Copy a dataset’s link at the “from” Galaxy server and paste that into the Upload tool at the “to” server.
  2. Move entire histories: Smaller histories compress/uncompress faster. Consider copying (cloning) important datasets into a new history, give it an informative name, then transfer that subset of data in batch.

Note that some servers will require the history to be in a share-by-url state before doing either of the above. will need that.

If this isn’t the same problem, @gallardoalba can update us :slight_smile: as “loading” (selecting) datasets on a tool form is different from using the Upload tool to get data into your account.