Europe server not working

Heya! None of the jobs I am sending in the queue are processing and the server seems full. I have been waiting for 40 minutes for a filter job to finish and it hasn’t even started running. Is this happening to anyone else?

You can always check if you’re interested. At the moment this looks like a busy queue, but not something broken.
Besides the global queue, you also have a limit of concurrent jobs running on your account, so there is also the possibility that other running jobs of yours prevent your latest one from running (even if it’s a trivial one).

Note also that the help forum with its somewhat slower response times might not be the best place for a question like this one. I’d suggest the Galaxy EU Lobby chat room for this, which you can join via gitter or matrix. Here’s the matrix link:

The help forum is ideal for questions that you expect to remain of significance for a longer time for potentially also other users. The chat is best for topics you want faster feedback for, but which you don’t mind see disappear on the rapidly moving timeline.