firefox blank display area

When I display Galaxy when processing MS mzml files there is a blank area on right side of tools sidebar that cuts off that side. I can send a snapshoot of the display blank area.

Does the problem lay with Galaxy or Firefox? And how do I fix it. I cannot select what I cannot see.

@robk can you please attach a screenshot. FF and Galaxy should both work. Or is your Firefox really really old?


On the right side of "tools: side bar is blank space

FF 86.0


Ok, this is not normal. I also have FF86. Can you look at from the incognito mode in FF? Maybe its one of your Firefox extensions? Is Chrome working for you?

I found an incognito addon for FF86 , installed and restarted. I went to and open a TOOL and saw no difference in what was displayed. It looked like my last attachment.

Should I upload new files as incognito and start with a new history?


Hi. The incognito mode is a build in feature. For me it looks like this


Its a private mode in your browser. I’m relatively clueless why this is not working for you so my idea is that one of your extensions is messing with the Galaxy layout, but this is just one guess and the inkocnito mode can help here. Do you have also another browser? For exmaple Chrome?

Chrome does not have this problem.

FF*^ with incognito has no effect.