Galaxy left panel scrollbar hidden

I find the left panel scrollbar of was hidden on my Google Chrome and Firefox 71 browser. My PC screen resolution: 1366 x 768,and I use Windows 7 x64.

When will this problem be fixed?


Waiting for help.

Hi @istevenshen

The tool panel scroll bar itself is only activated once the tool panel is “hovered over” with mouse/trackpad pointer and is scrolled. It will go away fast unless you keep the pointer near the scroll bar area and keep using it.

On a Mac, all three panel’s scroll bars work this way (left tool, middle, and right history). From your screenshot, it appears that two of those three panels are persistent, or have longer display timing on a PC using Chrome.

You can see the same behavior here at Galaxy Help (hosted by a 3rd party software, in this case Discourse) when typing in a post/reply in the GUI editor window or reviewing posts. The scroll will display when used then hovered over. Once you hover over somewhere else – or stop scrolling – the scroll bar is not displayed anymore. The “show” toggle timing is a little longer here than in Galaxy for me (Mac OSX), but it could just be due to OS/Browser version factors.

That said, I wouldn’t expect two of the three scrolls on this view to ever be “persistent”. This seems like something worth asking the Galaxy developers about. Ticket, that includes a link to a discussion at the Chrome developer website about recent scroll bar changes (not Galaxy related, but web-browser related).

I did a quick web search and that discussion about Chrome happened to show up first, plus it is recent and relevant. Your own web search would almost certainly find even more discussion about OS + Browser functionality differences.

Very minor display differences between various OS and web browser versions are expected but should not impact basic usability. You can still scroll directly in the tool panel when using Galaxy, correct? And the scroll bar displays when in use?

If you cannot scroll at all (mouse or two fingers on a trackpad), that would be a different novel issue that has not been reported before (for Galaxy). Test to see if that is reproducible at other sites (including here) to find out if this is a Galaxy or OS/Browser issue

  • If reproducible (no scrolling at other sites), that is a browser or computer/OS or usage issue, not Galaxy.
  • If not reproducible at other sites, that would point to a Galaxy UX design problem we don’t know about yet.


Thank you very much for your detailed reply. Actually I can scroll directly in the tool panel when using Galaxy,it just doesn’t look good on the page.

The real reason is that I changed the browser’s default font size to small. When I changed the font in my browser to Medium(Recommended) , everything was fine.