Galaxy can't find custom blast db

I’m trying to install a custom blast db into a locally hosted instance of Galaxy. I have edited the blastdb.loc file and it is properly detected by Galaxy, as seen in the admin datatable:

The file path points to a folder with the following files:
mfas.nhr mfas.nin mfas.nog mfas.nsd mfas.nsi mfas.nsq.
If I go to that folder and run blast at the command line using the “mfas” keyword, the database is fine.

However, when I run the NCBI BLAST + blastn Galaxy tool, I get this error:

BLAST Database error: No alias or index file found for nucleotide database [/apps/galaxy/galaxy_staging1/tool-data/app_db/mfas/] in search path [/apps/galaxy/galaxy_staging1/database/jobs_directory/000/9/working::]

What am I doing wrong? I am currently using the full filepath but I don’t think it’s pointing correctly. I’ve read the tutorials but it’s unclear if I’m supposed to provide the full filepath or a relative filepath.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m new to Galaxy admin but will need to install quite a few custom DBs for my group so I really need this working.

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I am not sure but should you not add the actual database to your path? Now it is pointing to a folder and not an alias or index.
So instead of /apps/galaxy/galaxy_staging1/tool-data/app_db/mfas/ I think it should be /apps/galaxy/galaxy_staging1/tool-data/app_db/mfas/mfas




Ah! That was it! Somehow I figured that Galaxy would use the prefix value in the first column but clearly I assumed wrong. Thank you!

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