GFF file with UTR information

I have been using a Genbank-based GFF file to map E. coli RNA-seq reads. However, Genbank does not provide any UTR information. Are E. coli GFF files with UTR information available? If not, is there a way to extend annotated coding regions to include 5’ and 3’ UTRs using RNA-seq data? Thanks in advance.

Hi @cjain
The question is not related to Galaxy. Maybe talk to researchers working with bacteria. I assume you remember that (many) E.coli genes are organized in operons. Are you after leader sequences? I have not seen whole genome operon and/or transcript annotation when I worked with another bacterial species years ago. Search Google Scholar for whole genome operon annotation or something similar.
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Thanks for replying. However, I would still like to know whether there any tools that can use RNA-seq data as input and extend coding regions so that UTRs are included?