Help with chipseq workflow to find motifs and genome ontology data

Hi, can someone help me with this? I am trying to perform a workflow to achieve motif discovery and genome ontology data about the motifs found. I have started with fasta files from a ChIP-seq experiment, then I run FastQ Groomer to my data, followed by Mapped with Bowtie for Illumina, then I used MACS - model-based analysis for ChIP-seq. Based on ABCAM chip-seq tutorial by Xi Cheng, I would be able to get the tabular data from the MACS, generate an interval for the peak summit found using this workflow, to run on MEME-ChIP (another website), and, then, also with the interval, to run on GREAT (genome ontology), however, my MACS are coming out with no results. Please, help me! I had already run 7 different workflows, using 7 different tutorials, and I have not found how to get there! My public name is paulovga. Help is really appreciated!!!

Hi @pauloalabarse,
could you share your Galaxy history with me? I’ll have a look at the MACS results. My email is
Screenshot from 2022-04-03 16-52-09.