How to display MultiQC report in Workflow Invocation Report?

I want to display the HTML output of my MultiQC report in the workflow invocation report. How can I do that? Using the templating in the Markdown


won’t work, it just outputs the raw html/css.

Hi @viki

Using the workflow report (aka Page) editor,

  1. choose from the left panel Insert Object → History → Dataset
  2. Then pick the dataset the pop-up menu. This populates the Markdown with the correct target identifier.
  3. For MultiQC, this would be the “Webpage” output (HTML datatype)

This is a simple test example at that you could import and review. Galaxy | Accessible Page | Demo GHelp 9115

If you are working at your own Galaxy server where you are admin, the tool that created the HTML output might need to be added to Admin → Tool Management → Manage Allowlist to render it anywhere in the application, including in Pages. More details are in our admin docs.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for saving me a headache! I didn’t know how to render the HTML and there existed an Allowlist. It works now.

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  1. There are two tools with a similar name in this suite. Are both installed and added to the Allowlist?
  2. Does the HTML render correctly in the History → eye-icon view?
  3. Does do both views render for this same data at a public usegalaxy.* server? Cross-checks help you to know if the problem is at your server (only) or a problem everywhere. A workflow can include just two things to test: one input + the single tool you want to test. Make sure the data is exact and the tool version is exact for a valid “local versus public” test. You can post back screenshots of both. Make sure the tool version and all views are included.
  4. If after that you think it is just your server, what version of Galaxy are you running?
  5. Creating a share link to the history + workflow report from the public server would help for detailed troubleshooting.