I am trying to do a cladogram

I am trying to do a cladogram with this data but I didn’t get any results, any suggestion?

Hi @Mai
can you please provide more info? What tool(s) do you use? What Galaxy server do you use? You can add a tag corresponding to Galaxy server to the post.
I searched for cladogram, but could not find any tool in Galaxy.
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Hi @igor Thank you so much for your concern
I am using this server http://galaxy.biobakery.org/
tool: LEfSe

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 17.05.21

Hi @Mai

When working at that public Galaxy server, you’ll need to contact those researchers directly for help with their tools. Why? The versions are different and distinct from the other servers, plus they host their own forum and don’t watch this one.

Their forum is linked from the server homepage, along with their usage tutorials.

More details are in this post → why Galaxy huttenhower lab is not working ? - #2 by jennaj