Internal server error (500)


I tried to download data in fastq.gz and fastq decompress. It beggin to be load and after several minutes it stops and I have a message error “Internal Server Error (500)”.
I do not understand because I ever load those data without any problems.

Could you please help me?

Thank you very much,

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This is most probably an error on our side, we are investigating. Thanks for the report.

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Thank you very much for answer.

Please let me know when it is resolved.

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This issue should be remedied now.

Dear Marten,

After your answer yesterday, I was able to download fastq.gz filed.
However right now I have the same problem as yesterday (error message: Gateway Time-out (504)).

Thank you for your help

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This may have been another server-side issue when reported (we were doing many updates at the server) but maybe not given the slightly different error message (500 versus 504).

For reference, larger file downloads can sometimes cause the browser to time out. This is what Gateway Time-out (504) indicates. Alternative methods for downloading data are covered in this FAQ:

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