Long waiting time for RNA Star

Hi everyone, Is there a maintenance or other issue with RNA star ? It has been more than 6 hours that I am waiting for my RNA Star jobs to start running. Thanks

HI @sudeboler

The UseGalaxy.eu server is probably just busy.

For the three usegalaxy.* servers, status is here: https://status.galaxyproject.org/

And some servers expose some more details in administrative graphs if you are curious. All servers tend to look similar – literally thousands of jobs running at any particular time! Quite robust but not infinite, so can still get “busy”. Leave your jobs queued to preserve your placement in the queue.

I added a queued-gray-datasets tag to your post that links to other similar topic, with FAQs and such with more details about how the public cluster resources work, in a practical way with examples.

Should you have a job that queues for a day or two (24-48 hrs), and you aren’t running a larger batch of jobs all at the same time (~ 30+), you can let us know here. Please generate a share-or-publish link to your history and post it with your question so someone can quickly take a look and offer advice. You can unshare after. More people will be able to help if you include details – most either can’t or just don’t like guessing too much.

Hopefully your job has already started now 10 hrs later :slight_smile: but let us know and we can look into this more.

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